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Java Loan Calculator problem

Please why do I receive a "not found symbol error" when printing out variable r in the Java Loan Calculator problem?

12/22/2020 5:24:51 AM


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BRYAND CHE You need to look course and problem again. Try to understand first. You are not clear what you have to do.


BRYAND CHE There are 2 type of variable local and global. If you declare locally and accessing globally then you can't access.


Because variable" r" is declared inside the for loop and you are outputting value of " r" after the loop ends .Also you are using "r" without initializing it .


Use 90% for 6 months to find the balance. 4 lines of code added. If you are paying 10% every month, one way is to find the 10% and then use your total minus the 10% paid to get the balance. The other way, is to find the 90% so you don't have to minus. If you have 100 and you paid 10%, Method 1: 100 - (100 * 10%) = 90 Method 2: 100 * 90% = 90 The "i=0" is used for looping. It will loop from 0 until 5 (< 6), which is 6 times. Finally prints out amount.


Please I Am Groot ! can you correct and send here


Alphin K Sajan please if it's possible can you correct the code


I Am Groot ! Okay thanks


Thanks Lam Wei Li


Thanks everyone


i see the same problem