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Why SoloLearn don't publish Vue. JS or FLASK course?

I like learn Vue.js and FLASK framework. Why SoloLearn didn't publish this course?

12/20/2020 8:40:33 AM

Emon Hossain Foysal

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There are thousands of frameworks and libraries that many people like. Do you expect SoloLearn to make a course for each of them. Nevertheless you can send your suggestions to SoloLearn through the in-app feedback feature or mail them to [email protected]


Emon Hossain Foysal you have to understand that they have the responsibilty of a big platform on their shoulders. Just because they launched React, doesn't mean that they NEED to make lessons for VueJS and Flask. Because then someone else will ask a course on Django, then Ruby on Rails, then Actix Web, the list never ends. There are many common languages that cannot be found on SoloLearn like Go, Rust etc, which in my opinion should be included before frameworks like VueJS or Flask, and someone else might have some other opinion. SoloLearn is also currently dealing with many bugs, and has yet to implement a lot of features. They can't do everything at once.


But they launched React course. Vuejs is also top popular framework. And FLASK is the second famous for backend