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Possible combinations without repetition

Write a program to accept numbers in an array and from that numbers you have to print all possible combinations ex: if there are 5 numbers as 42163 then output should be like 12346, 12364,12436 and so on. So how to solve this?


12/9/2020 5:46:49 PM

Achintya Raj

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show your attempt first


Achintya Raj try to find similar codes in code section , hope you get some idea 👍


For this kind of task you can use python module "itertools", then you can use permutations (as your description is showing) from itertools import permutations lst = [1,2,3,4,6] ... # your code follows here. ...


You want to print all distinct permutations of some number or string. You can see some algorithm for it here: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/distinct-permutations-string-set-2/ I generally use next_permutation() of C++ stl, sort the string so that you can get lexicographically smallest string and then just keep finding next_permutation() until it returns false(means no next lexicographically greater permutation possible) //see method2 here https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/permutations-of-a-given-string-using-stl/


Ok thanks


I haven't tried yet as I am not getting the idea how the nested loops will be used


Those nos which are made using these 5 digits with no repitition


Sorry I want all the combinations I didn't read carefully that time Let me tell u with a small ex. Suppose there are three numbers 2 4 1 then possible combinations for this are : 241,214,412,421,124,142 i.e 6 combinations