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Error in operations JS

The question asks about division and which operator to use. However it was in the multiplication section. There is a big error that needs to be fixed. * doesn’t divide last I checked. Idk who to report to or how. Hope this helps!

12/5/2020 7:47:08 AM

Lexie Crawford

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Lexie Crawford Kindly use discussion tab only for queries in coding and related to sololearn. Follow our community guidelines - Hope you understand 👍


Lexie Crawford Yes u r right i have just checked it out right now .... The problem was with the Question...Only Sololearn can fix that..What u could do is give a feedback to Sololearn at [email protected] .... Just ignore the mistake and continue with the Lesson ...Pal...


Lexie Crawford We use " / " for division...


' / ' is the javascript division operator


Could u post the original Question..I don't understand what r u trying to report...


just tryjng to help the community. peace


Hi.. first please do read the comments of a questions... The comments were This question has a mistake.. consider multiplication instead of the word division and then answer.ATTENTION PLEASE !... THERE'S A MISTAKE! The question asks what character we use for DIVISION, but the only possible answers provided are "x", "*" or "&". So it's impossible to answer correctly. Either one of the answers should be changed to include "/" or the question should be changed to MULTIPLICATION instead of DIVISION.


What character do we use for division? Choices are: X * &... it is posted right after the learning multiplying lesson as an “exit ticket” thought someone would want to know!


sorry was just reporting an issue? to try and help since there is no report issue button. i just wont say anything next time. was trying to help yall. not give answers. chill.


yea it would confuse new ppl to get stuck geeze chill out. its not that serious


don’t be THAT guy....✌️