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How does python really work? In terms of gaming ,web development etc.

As you have seen in the previous lessons on the platform, python code outputs are like a kinda dull. So how are games/websites developed using this programming language? Enlighten me please. Let's discuss 🤜🤛

12/4/2020 8:49:48 AM

Meshack Kiprono

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Meshack Kiprono I.e you are asking how can we use py in web pages? You can use turtle script for that! Example -


Try not to ask open-ended questions.. Be specific towards it! Related threads -


i dont know a lot about python, but as far as i know in web development most people use django framework for server side for game you will end up using pygame it contains module to ease you writing game


That's a very broad question.


Python is implemented using C or Java usually.


Piyush[21 Dec❤️] I think my question was a bit different from the ones you've posted since the main thing I wanted is how designing of website apps and games are done in this language not the uses or importance. You'll excuse me for my explanations, just understand.


Piyush[21 Dec❤️] Thanks for the information 👍


Well you can use pygame to make games with python (though python games are VERY freaking slow). Python can also be used (through django) as a server side scripting/programming.


Where should I start coz I wanna make a website