Did not like the new interface and look of SOLOLEARN. Is there anyway you can revert back to the previous version on PC? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Did not like the new interface and look of SOLOLEARN. Is there anyway you can revert back to the previous version on PC?

12/4/2020 5:54:04 AM

Ayush Dubey

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Previous versions of sololearn - https://m.apkpure.com/sololearn-learn-to-code-for-free/com.sololearn/versions


There is no way to "revert back" the web interface. It is what they serve upon your request. There is no other endpoint. And don't judge too quickly just because it looks different. The new web version now features code coaches, and I enjoy the new design. It appears to be suffering from a few minor early illnesses that, I am sure, will be fixed soon. For a long time, people have wanted the web version to be updated. Now the update finally arrived, and now people are complaining they want the old version back. I don't get it. Well, I guess there are always those who want things to never change. But these kind of systems evolve over time. Embrace the change.


I think the issue is not the Android app but the web interface when accessing SoloLearn through a browser.


Unfortunately not


Zatch bell, I just checked. I still have the new edition. Might be a canary roll-out to measure response and potential errors without breaking it for everyone should something go wrong. And also to see how well it scales as it is released to more and more users.


WE ARE NOT Talking about APP versions here, We are talking about the Web PC/Laptop version! It needs to be changed back to the way it was, the new Comment Section has been Deleted from Questions, i.e no more comments on Questions. Also the new Comment Section all the lines are Squashed together - so now you cannot read or copy & paste code. New Comment Section looks like its trying to be trendy to fit in wiht Insta-grammers - not needed. The new Skin Looks Cheap also, it was perfect the way it was. I might have to try w3schools, their interface looks better for learning coding. Everyone must email SoloLearn, because they don't read the comment section: [email protected] I'll get you started, copy/paste, edit: Dear SoloLearn, Thanks for providing us a fabulous online environment for learning. However; Please Revert the changes you have made to the Web Version of your site. We want everything the way it was, the comment section was very important to this site - the Lines in it are squashed together (no line spacing) so we cannot read code posted by users anymore....The new look and functionality is not better. Kind Regards, my_Username


I'm also not a fan of the new interface. There's too much empty space, the "Try It Yourself" section cannot be opened in a new tab, and the footer blocks too much of each lesson.


Coder Kitten my web version is still same .Why my web version has not been updated ?


They aren't talking about the APP they're talking about the web stop sending apks this counts as spamming


The new interface is horrible. Why would they enforce a bad portrait mode on a desktop wide monitor to ruin the experience? At least expand its width. Not only that, the annoying bottom banner with just two buttons of "back" and "continue" occupy 1/5th of the screen already. Who was the genius that came up with that? What I am doing now is emulating mobile interface on full screen to match with that of a monitor width...It's really unfortunate that I have to resort to these tactics for a visual comfortability


The post asks a question about if there's a way to revert to the old system...the comments include answers. Questions and answers. Q&A.


APKs of previous versions are available on the net. Google them.


Emails were sent out to a number of people asking if they wanted to test run the beta for the new changes coming to the "web version" of Sololearn. Unfortunately, the testing period is over. Your opinions would have been valuable during that time. However. If you are not pleased with the way the website looks. You are not out of luck. You can use the chrome extension "stylish" to style the solo learn website to your liking. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stylish-custom-themes-for/fjnbnpbmkenffdnngjfgmeleoegfcffe?hl=en Happy Coding :D