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Why did you broke Sololearn?

Everything worked right. Then you tried to change the site design and nothing working anymore.. Time to load the page is enormous and in Python datascience course I can't even move to the next question or back to main menu.. Please fix it ASAP.

12/3/2020 8:24:14 PM

Daniel Gabáni

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Looks like you should contact [email protected]!


Also there is No Comment Section on Questions Anymore!!! All Gone Deleted. The comment section would explain why a Question is correct/incorrect.... Please Change it Back SoloLearn!!! Philip


The Sololearn developers will never see this. You should mail them directly.


Email Sololearn about your complaint.


We are not the developers, write your complains to [email protected]


Whom are you asking?


Dear webmasters, Thank you for providing this educational resource for free, However Today; Thursday 3rd December 2020, you have changed the website skin and given it a new look. This is not a good Look, I think you are trying for it to match Mobile app version. I prefer the web Version, using my PC/Laptop. Can you please reverse it. The New Comment Section is absolutely awful, I know you were thinking, “Oh this comment section looks like Instagrams’, This will make it more popular, with the masses!”, but it’s not good because the old comment section, had useful code and answers from the best users and you could copy and paste and test the code and get a better understanding of an exercise or Question. But now with the new comment section, I cannot copy and paste into the Code Editor, because all the Lines are SQUASHED! together. The Comment Section was PERFECT as it was. I would like the old Website Skin, I’m still grateful for this great Learning Environment you have, but you have to change it back, to how it was 24 hours ago. Yours Sincerely, Philip