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Ubuntu or windows

I don't know that which is better can you help me

11/26/2020 8:18:25 PM

Mehan Alavi Majd

7 Answers

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Better? If you are confused to choose which one is better, try to use dual OS, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu is a kernel)... The better one that we have to choose is the one that make you comfortable. You know, it's relative...


Try them. Chances are you already have experience with Windows, so just try Ubuntu for a few weeks. The choice is yours and yours only.


I used dual boot on one computer where i had Windows 10 and Ubuntu, now i have them on separate computers, windows 10 on a newer one and Ubuntu on older damaged one It's all a personal choice but I can give you my experience. Windows 10 (or windows in general) is suitable for people who don't know and don't want to know about techy stuff, it's a very consuming system in terms of RAM and ROM memory, it has many useless stuff that you should get track of and get rid of, it has an almost unlimited access to apps As of Ubuntu, i downloaded it on a 8 year old damaged computer since it always frozen on windows 7 and I'm really satisfied, it consumes less ROM and RAM memory, it has a slick GUI and anything could be changed on it if you dislike some part of it, cons? It's a system that requires the use of terminal at some point, which needs some basic programming skills, it has a very limited app choice, but its expanding each day, something might be broken, but can be fixed with a bit of googling and terminal use


Is this programming related topic?


I think better one is Windows because he have more tutorials than Ubuntu


At the end of your trials, you will love ubuntu for its speed and better app installation but you will return to windows because it is just windows and you simply can't give it up.