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Software engineering

Why system costs more to maintain than it does to develop?

11/25/2020 5:36:52 PM

Saber Ahmadzai

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Saber Ahmadzai I can read this question in so many different contexts. What specific scenario are you referring to? Costs for maintaining a system could apply to any number of contexts: - Deploy and never touch the code - Deploy and continue developing - Expanding infrastructure to support increased usage. - Addressing technical debt due to tight deadlines. - Challenges related to impact of changing code in a much larger and more complex code bases. - Poor design leading to brittle code that requires more effort to develop in. - Preserving backwards compatibility can take more effort to avoid breaking changes. - Support staff needed to assist with technical problems. - Hosting costs accrued over time. - Upgrading dependencies can be very involved. - Training people to use the system. - Training people to support the system. These are just a few that come to mind from my own experiences.


All is the same but as far as I know a java application is costly as in terms of maintenance. Java always needs debugging and that annoys your users



David Carroll thanks dear