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How to align containers dynamically ❔

I need help in creating a rule that determines how (in which order) my containers are displayed on the website. If 100% width of the screen is = 993px or higher, then my 3 containers (m1, m2, m3) should be displayed inline block (as in the example). But if it is <= 992px, then the containers should be displayed one below the other (as in the example). The order must be: m2, m1, m3 and with width = 100% in that case. How can I make sure that this is going to work?

11/23/2020 10:30:49 AM

Miss Selenophilia πŸŒ™

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Here is the solution. I hope it is good.


Check out CSS media queries, they allow you to set your rules differently for different screen sizes.