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Scraping Domain Registrations

I am currently scraping newly registered domains with Python, using API from (zones aggregator) Is there a more direct way to scrape this.Does ICANN provide access to this type of data? Would be grateful if anyone knows a good direction.

11/17/2020 6:34:33 AM


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Nah, you gotta start like everyone else. Make a spider, and have it crawl. There are sites that google doesn't know about and they have spiders crawling 24/7 and follow robots.txt!


Thanks Slick. Just realised ICANN's Centralised Zone Data Service (CZDS) works for gTLDs which gets updated daily. However, for ccTLDs, i have not been able to find a solution yet barring crawling which is not really an option.


Anyone if you worked out a solution for ccTLDs, i'm all ears. Thanks in advance guys.