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Html template

Does it require more html templates for more blogs or it can be done by admin site?

11/12/2020 2:42:53 PM


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Atul generally speaking you only will need 1 actually HTML template and a PHP blog software script for a website STIVA by phpjabbers for about $5.⁰⁰ USD includes the widgets.


Atul it depends on what you are actually doing but your question is unclear... based on what you wrote I would answer no to possibly. Please clarify your question. Thanks and happy coding.


BroFar Let's assume that you have a blogging website and you are new to it. Now you are ready with your next content on website but how will you post the content on website? Can it be done by creating and adding a html page to website or you can do it by just going to the admin site? If my question is still not clear. Let me elaborate in simple words. How will you post your next blog to website? Thanks for viewing my question and telling me that it it unclear