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1.[CODE]https://code.sololearn.com/ci64UI35hkb4/?ref=app 2.[CODE]Please anyone can solve this errors and then later can explain me why this errors comes.... 3.[ARRAY]Any limit for the size of the array.....can i declared the size of array 1000? 4.[MANIPULATION FUNCTION]what is use of this πŸ‘‰ strcmpl,strncmp,stripe,strlwr,strstrπŸ‘ˆ can you explain this functions with examples and explaination.....& this functions run in sololearn? 5.[THREE TYPES OF ARRAY] Single dimensional,two dimensional and multi dimensional array....can you write the syntax of this arrays with it's uses... 6.Why we write program on {matrix} ? Ex :- Add two A[3][3] and B[3][2] Matrices..... 5*5 matrix and find maximum number with it's row and column index..... what is use of matrix in c? 7.[PHP] Why only In PHP array index starts with 1 In other languages array index starts with 0 8.[Array]is it possible to have negative index in array and why is it necessary to give the size of an array in an array declaration? Limit reached :)

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Here ⬇️ Remaining Questions 9.[CENTER] How to center the text of the console and how to coloured the text of the console,i searched about this on google and I tried in sl cdplayground but it doesn't work,do you know how to coloured the text of the console? 10.[ANSI STANDARD] far,near,register,enum Where we use this keywords and what time use this keyword? 11.what happening this when I click on the post showing that no internet connection... Edit :-Sorry for previous question that question was not mine, somebody told me to ask that question...I was also want to know more about assembly Language.....so because of bad response [-2 downvotes] that's why i deleted that question I want this type of output ⬇️ Give Value of n 4 Give number 12 Give number 15 Give number 20 Give number 18 Array elements are : 12 15 20 18 sum = 65.00000 Average = 16.25 this question is from my bookπŸ˜… i trying in sololearn...and I check the program in sololearn limit reached


Minho πŸ‡°πŸ‡· thanks for answering π—€π—¨π—˜π—¦π—§π—œπ—’π—‘ π—¦π—’π—Ÿπ—©π—˜π——


Minho πŸ‡°πŸ‡· and Mensch thank you so much for solving my code errors π—€π—¨π—˜π—¦π—§π—œπ—’π—‘ π—¦π—’π—Ÿπ—©π—˜π——


Mensch Thanks for answering but your output is not matching as I mentioned above π—€π—¨π—˜π—¦π—§π—œπ—’π—‘ π—¦π—’π—Ÿπ—©π—˜π——


Coder Kitten thank you so much for answering..... π—€π—¨π—˜π—¦π—§π—œπ—’π—‘ π—¦π—’π—Ÿπ—©π—˜π——


Here's a fix https://code.sololearn.com/c0iMR3s10kQz/?ref=app