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[SOLVED] Can a notebook help me learn programming?

I am currently learning C, but I can't remember anything, so i keep restarting the course. Can a notebook help me remember?

11/8/2020 12:45:35 PM


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Yes ,why not . U can write down all important points and syntaxes in a Notebook. Yes it is good for revising . ( But ,actually there's no need to waste ur time writing a Notebook.) Proper reading of lessons ,Practising everything u learnt, Playing around with code, Solving Code coach probs, Challenging others, Bookmarking hard &imp topics is a better idea . After all, its your wish..


The reason why you can't remember anything is probably because you are passively reading trought the courses. You will never learn anything that way. You need to put some time and write some code yourself in order to learn.


I've found out that things read on a computer screen are harder to remember. I've just started to use my notebook and it's so full from basic concepts of C. Four pages feels like a lot information even though it's not. I am leaving this question for others to read if they need to. (Upvote to help them find this question)


Completing simple coding exercises daily will help you remember more.