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.py document error

Help !!, when I execute the line from a .py document, it closes after entering the values, without being able to observe the results well, how can I solve it?

11/7/2020 3:26:12 PM


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AlucardMiguel , if you have to run a code that will close the output window direct after execution, you can add a simple print() statement as last line to your code. This stops the program until you have pressed any key.


Open it using code editors


Oh, in that case create simple gui, using tkinter, and then build executable file (blabla.exe) using py installer


Thank you very much, the solution I found was: at the end of all the code I wrote: end = input ("Press Enter to close") and voila the problem is solved


many thanks friends


yes, but my goal is that whoever executes that program does what I request, without seeing my lines of code