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[SOLVED] Is it a new bug???

Today I noticed that few people blocked me but I can able to see their profile 🤔 , but they said that they didn't do that . Dpz are exchanging suddenly of few users. It's really annoying😫

11/7/2020 1:40:27 AM


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🌸Little__Cherry🌸 It is fixed now so u will not face that problem...;)


It's happens also with me... For proof i have screen shots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vv4gqon4ylhtmxd/1604713359191.jpg?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yabytalz0jd9kss/1604713359182.jpg?dl=1 I found 🌸Little__Cherry🌸 has a pro subscription But she is not subscribe for pro version... Names and DP changes automatically.... I think this is a very insecure Because automatically clicks every where .... suddenly increases followers and decreases.. pro membership activate automatically and remove automatically.....


Yes also happening with me wait sometime sololearn will fixed this problem...


🌸Little__Cherry🌸 may be there is a new bug in new update of sololearn


Çõdër yeah :(


Änûr❤g ⚡ ⚡ may be 😫


Same with me too, name and profile both are changing automatically 😫


Same happening with me 😣😣😣😣


Yes, same here also. The name/DPs are changing automatically. Also, I'm not even able to DM anyone...


It is happening with me too!


Same here


It is happening with me also. This new update had many bugs.


What happened to chatbot.... it's getting changed automatically & name, profile also🙄🙄🙄


Yup same with me


I think They just deleted their accounts temporarily Happened to me before


Plzz...it should resolve as early as possible...😞😞


May be (( Same here 😅


Yeah iam also facing not worry it will go with next update


im also facing bugs but i was thinking its because of my phone 😅


its bug of answer in challanges i cant press and then it says time’s up idk if its new or old 🤔