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Who would be willing to trial my Encryption and Decryption tool?

I have been writing an Encryption and Decryption tool designed around having no catches. No logging data, connecting to a server storing what you do, nothing. Just being able to lock away your data safely. It will be freeware. I need people willing to Test it for bugs and try and crack it to find the algorithm, or pull the Key and Password from it. Let me know if you're interested!!

3/14/2017 2:32:45 AM

Lee Fesler

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What sort of decryption/encryption? I would be interested to try it out.


Great dude. Writing hashing function is not easy. I love to test it. You have done wonderful job. Can you also send algorithm of this. If it is Public or published at GitHub.


it works by taking the file you choose, and writing a 256bit wall of information OVER the file, creates a version of the file with the encryption, that requires a key to unlock, (20 character randomly generated) and to unlock the key it requires a password, that you choose with an 8 character minimum. and all that information is encrypted as it gets passed through the Application and even while its in the file. it technically creates a corrupt version of the file, that can only be unlocked with my algorithm, and both the key and password. haha And if you want to delete the original file, I have a portion that allows you to completely and utterly destroy the file with corrupt information, then deletes it. haha email, [email protected] if you would like to try it. I'll send a private link tomorrow.


I think i missed answering the actual question though. haha Its a desktop, single executable application that can encrypt and decrypt ANY filetype. Here's a video I did of the current version: https://youtu.be/4sfXKbkTGJg


I do not plan to share the algorithm even though I would love to. I was originally doing this as an open source project and then realized that everyone would have my algorithm and that could make it easier to crack the files. I'm willing to helo answer questions though.


Make sure to email [email protected] if you want to receive a copy to test! please make sure to log any bugs, potential fixes, or security holes you find.