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How does the course XP system work? e.g. XP per question or any extra rules

11/4/2020 3:59:37 PM

Galaxy-Coding (inactive)

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Found this thread πŸ‘‡ Hope it helps!


Mikiyas 5 xp per question or per lesson?


Thank you. Minho πŸ‡°πŸ‡· I think we have the solution: - 5xp per answer - negative 2xp per incorrect response


Mikiyas Okk. Thank u. Use the search bar Good question. Even though i completed so many questions,never thought of this.πŸ˜€βœŒ


Does anybody know the exact answer in xp?


If you have PC or laptop use Sololearn in that, because in that you can see that how much xp you are gaining, per lessons with right answers +4xp with wrong +3xp πŸ‘


Doesn't it vary with the tutorial?


It depends on your answer accuracies and support from solo learn


Single time right ans =5 XP But, Wrong attempt deduct 2 so =3 XP given