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Django vs JavaScript

I know Python, HTML, CSS. I want to learn front-end and back-end but here a huge competition with JavaScript and Django, so Please help me to choose right one.

11/3/2020 10:21:58 AM

Rudra Pratap Singh

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Similar posts available use search bar before posting ur question Hope it may helps u


ÃKR Firstly you should check the answers of questions you recommend, Than came to a conclusion


Well, I think both are equally fair as Node(JS) is asynchronous and python has great, useful libraries! So, I'd went with the lang I like.


@vrintle Thanks😊


Clara Chloe django is Python framework for purely backend. Front end needs html, css and javascript or other python libraries when using Django.


Clara Chloe Well you know HTML, CSS, Python... .. .. Means you will be good in frontend... ➡️ Directly coming to the point ☑️learn JavaScript.. because you know much about HTML & CSS (you can be💥 in frontend easily) ... There are many reasons... -It(Js) can easily implemented with HTML ..{using script tag} -if u go with Django then you have to become 💥in Python... -Learning NodeJS after JavaScript is fully recommended.. I am not objecting Django it is also good... And it all depends on your choice..👍


Hello. Look at me, the django is only for back-end but js is for front and later you can work back with it. Now decision for you.


Hi, you must learn JavaScript beside HTML and CSS for front end. You can use django the python framework or node.js the JavaScript framework for backend.