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Why I'm not able to send DM to anyone.....?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/er5vsku7a2axwq2/1604319758383.jpg?dl=1 No send button available check link.....

11/2/2020 12:23:59 PM


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Bartika🎶 I have been trying for 2 hours...


I have send button It shows message not sent 😣 😣 😣


Sonic EmmanueLZ. Yeah .. issue solved automatically...


Reinstall the App and see


You can leave a feedback to sololearn


Same here... and most probably others are also facing this... maybe some server issue... I hope it'll be fixed soon


Same as ѕηєнα for me. I send a feedback couple of days ago. Maybe if enough people send feedback it will be solved in next update.


EmmanueLZ. The OP has tagged the question as Solved. What was her solution?


Showkat Kmr hi, You should post your question in a new thread. You'll have more chance to get answers. I think you kind of strayed on this one 😄.


EmmanueLZ. Ok


Sonic hi, It was a worthy advice but unfortunately, i ve just done it right now, and still doesn't work. Just have to wait the next update I guess.


🇸 ♻️ ♏ 🌱 🇦 did you solve your issue?


Sonic, right. I don't know😁. I noticed that after I posted I tried to reinstall the app with no success, so she might took the "next update" as the solution...🤷🏻‍♂️. Let's ask. 🇸 ♻️ ♏ 🌱 🇦 Hello, Did the DM was solved for you? If yes, how? Thanks.🙂


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