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In sololearn from where can I learn Linux.

11/1/2020 1:47:36 PM


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UTKARSH SAHA That's a mystery for me, too! The most important things are: 1.) being experienced in using searching engines 2.) having endless patience 3.) having a very high frustration tolerance 4.) having a bunch of buddies who are experienced in that field. You can get further information by reading the MagPi- magazine. This is the free, monthly issued magazine of the Raspberry Pi foundation. You will find it on . It deals with different topics, e.g. bash scripting, Python, Scratch, Linux and even hardware-related topics like robot building. Another free, also monthly published magazine is the fullcircle magazine on . The current issue is #162. It deals with Ubuntu Linux, but also with Python or open source software like Inkscape, GIMP or Blender.


There is no linux course available on sololearn


Arsenic So how somebodys have its skill.


It's just to show that you know bash... if you decide to add it to your skills.


Other apps and websites offer linux courses for free


Linux is OS based on a special kernel. So, what do you want to use it for?


It's free on YouTube, bro. Also, it's important to familiarize yourself with its commands.