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For learning ethical hacking which os is best for beginners?

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10/29/2020 6:36:33 PM

Hemanth Phani Kumar

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Crash , your contribution is very important! May I add, that mentOS is available in the flavors mint, orange, strawberry and lemon. Further information is available at


Windows 3.11 for Workgroups


1) Kali Linux 2) Parrot OS 3) BackBox 4) BlackArch 5) Fedora Security Lab 6) Dracos Linux 7) Bugtraq 8) CAINE 9) Samurai Web Testing Framework 10) Network Security Toolkit (NST) 11) DEFT Linux 12) DemonLinux 13) ArchStrike Source & more info:


Jan Markus You make a good point. I've actually hacked a 2 liter of Diet Coke with mentOS that was quite explosive. 😜


Jan Markus ,Crash ,David Carroll can you guys tell me how to use that OS ? because when I tried to "boot" that ,it ended up quite flat 😅


Sonic I would say that Windows 95 was not the worst OS which I had in the past. The worst was in fact Windows 3.11. After a system crash I had to call help from some fellows with more experience because sometimes the AUTOEXEC.BAT or the CONFIG.SYS were corrupted and the system did not want to boot further as to a DOS prompt. And sometimes the drivers of sound- and graphics-card had to be reinstalled again. Windows 95 was a blessing in contrast and it was nearly as stable as the OS of my Commodore Amiga 2000 which I owned before.



Arsenic That's for security reasons! When you use it for hacking purposes it erases itself after the attack, only a description of the specifications remains. But it shouldn't be annihilated while booting... Maybe you booted it in emergency mode? This option is meant for instant self-destruction in case the hacker's cave is stormed...!


Jan Markus Is absolutely correct. Of the many operating systems I've used, this one was by far the best. Never have I ever beheld such beauty in the design of this OS, such an abundance of pre-installed hacker tools and instruction manuals, not to mention the most secure OS to ever exist. I recommend you login RIGHT NOW to your *tOr vPn* and get yo self an illegal copy of this utter technological gem.


Check out mentOS !


David Carroll Jan Markus The good thing about mentOS: It is fresh, lightweight, easy to use and has a modular structure. While it's ideal for hacking, it is almost impossible to be hacked yourself. You will have to show your teeth to crack that nut when trying to hack through the 14 sandboxed security levels! It is also very suitable for mobile use and for working in a team. My daughter often teams up with her friends and when they work with it, it seems they are fresh and full of life!


Hemanth Phani Kumar If you have to ask this question, you're either lacking the minimal aptitude for being resourceful in a time where information is so abundantly accessible or you're just asking for the sake of asking. I would say it was laziness, but the effort to ask this is literally much higher than the effort to search. Either way, it's a common type of question so frequently asked, I created a general response in a post that may offer additional insight to my bluntly honest criticisms: While this is clearly a duplicate question that should be removed, the answers posted by Jan Markus and Maxwell Anderson are so classic and unique, I'll must defer to another mod to mark this for deletion. 🤣😂 To any other mod, you have my full blessing and support to mfd this post. I just can't bring myself to doing it. 🤓 P.S. - Be sure to mention me if you want me to reply as I unfollow threads like this which attract generic answers like moths to a lantern.


See this web


Hemanth Phani Kumar you might try a security site to learn ethical hacking instead of a basic code learning site, and ask such questions there. There are also plenty of youtube videos and courses on general learning sites that are freely available by using any of the variety of internet search engines. Good Luck and have fun on your journey! 😎👍


Jan Markus you forgot Windows 95 I think. With it you need not even take any action but to tell your friends that you ethically hacked your own computer to crash in the next quarter hour and wait for your efforts to be realised. It would be quite ethical as you wouldn't need to write any malicious code.


you have to go with linux


Jan Markus I see. Interesting....


Almost any linux distribution will work. Most hacking tools are made for Linux.


Kali Linux is best and I love it


i thinks its learning data science