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How to beat nikolay nachev

can anyone give me tips about how to beat this great soldier of programming language? Thank you.

3/13/2017 2:21:22 AM

nabeer zahed chowdhury

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🤔 well, score 5. That's not a guarantee, but gives you a chance. 😉 Other than that @Stefan has a point there.


Be perfect at math, endure cancerous, confusing and stupid codes. Thats how.


Wait for the next new weapon to unlock, then quickly jump on it. study it in very well. then give it a shot. with the existing weapons you just don't stand a chance. Nikolay does not get the same question wrong twice, ever.


that's kinda impossible, u know.... u know . right?


Learn every language Be practical Spend all your time in coding Practice more and more Don't leave any stone unturned... May be, you will be a step ahead of him.....


many people around the world have been martyred including me in 1v1 battle with nikolay


also with humaliation like 0-5 or 2-5 . not with honour...


this guy is famous here, isn't he? he's like Chuck Norris of soloLearn


having more knowledge than him, for sure haha


well,Nikolay nachev have experience of more than 3 decades in programming. So how many years of experience do you have? & studying it very well is also matters!!!!


@abbosjon so what? its not impossible to beat geniuses... we scored ties 4 times...


well i follow him to score more than him on daily basis,he beats me even at level 16 . I MEAN at level 16 if you win u will get 5 ,10 xp max. THIS MAN IS NOT A GENIUS .... HE IS AN INSPIRATION FOR GENIUS.😎😎😎


Everyone can code. feel the power of your mind. dedicate yourself more to learning than to beat him.


welp, unless you can score a 5, otherwise no chance, luckily i still get xp even when i lose xd


From now on, call yourself Neo!!! Take the red pill!!! Crack the matrix!!! Beat Nikolay!!!! Take a ride flying just to brag about it and of course.... cos you can!!!


what the freak?! just don't be jealous and crazy as hell. maybe he is a damn genius