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PyAutoGUI module in python

The pyautogui Module is not working on the phone. So how to use it in phone?

10/19/2020 9:31:11 AM

Killer🗡️ [Killu]

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You can't. According to the doc, the module doesn't work on Android or iOS


CarrieForle Is there a similar module that works in the phone?


This website might help:'t%20have%20built,in%20the%20Python%20mobile%20space I'm not a Pythonist, so I can't really give you good suggestions. Informations I found are just my searches.


Laurent Chretien how?


You can use it with your phone through a cloud.


Check a cloud provider to be sure this module is available with its python SaaS (Software as a Service) offer and subscribe a " pay as you go" or a free plan to operate. So, you'll use the cloud provider's machines through your phone. The harder work is to choose a cloud provider with a rich python's catalog and to calculate the price. The better is to try the offer for free and to explore the targeted cloud offer. I dont use pyautogui but I work with a lot of stuff through clouds from a smartphone without problem. But for some works it's inconfortable to operate so (latence, screen size).


Tasker - for Android . Wakarimasta ka ? 😀