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Help!!!Is 1.6 ghz processor good?

I want to know if 1.6 ghz processor good enough for web development?Please someone help.

10/18/2020 6:27:58 AM

Moshtafizur Rahman Anty

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1 HERCIO = 1 PROCESSOR ACTIVATION PER SECOND. 2GHZ = 2,000 MILLION ACTIVATIONS. Thus, one GHz means that the processor is capable of activating 10 times to 9 times per second, or 1,000,000,000 times. One billion times, one billion hertz. One of the latest to hit the market, the Snapdragon 730, runs at 2.2GHz. That means it fires 2.2 billion times every second. And that number means just that, the number of activations, not its power So yes, with 1.6ghz u have a good pc for web development