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Tensorflow for jupyter

Hi everyone How can I install tensorflow for jupyter on Anaconda, I've tried different ways but I've got error no module..., could you leave me a link to solve it efficiently? Even I uninstalled anaconda and install it step by step base on clip on YouTube to run tensorflow on jupyter but it failed. Thanks in advance Python=3.7

10/17/2020 1:12:39 PM


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It kind of depends on the actual build you are trying to install: https://docs.anaconda.com/anaconda/user-guide/tasks/tensorflow/ CPU-only or CUDA?


Thanks for replying CPU-only I tried this link before. Well, should I install jupyter before tensorflow? I mean, after I installed tensorflow, the kernel is busy.


Well, now I have an environment that includes tensorflow, jupyter but the kernel is idle and I've got the error: No module named 'tensorflow '


I must turn on vpn proxy :)