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Solution of challenges

Questions asked in challenges do not provide their solution after it is completed . Whenever I am wrong ,i want to know why and how can i correct it so that i do not make same mistake again. But they provide only answers not solution. What should i do, how may i know the solutions??

10/10/2020 11:48:05 AM


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Anushka Jaiswal Ohh sorry , I didn't get that in the first place. Anyways if you are unable to get the logic of any code it's best to go line by line (something like a dry run but on a notebook not on IDE) that way you will get to any conclusion. And if you still face problems, copy and paste the code in sololearn code playground and post a question in QnA section That way others would be able to help you..


Actually the correct answers are shown after your opponent completes the challenge too. Along with the results, its shown which questions you did wrong and also their correct answers.


Do practice for Challenges solutions u have to learn basics solve them after match


♨️♨️ thanks 🙂


Anushka Jaiswal U can search same topics Questions on Google u will find solution but if u have doubt's in any questions u can ask on Discussion box


ADITYA KHANDELWAL i want to know solutions, even if i know answers i don't know how is that the correct answer?? Want to know the logic behind it.


Anushka Jaiswal didi, Take a screenshot of problem and post it in your feed. Then ask a question with link that post.


Slick i get that👍🙏


Thats when you take out the debugger and single step through the program while watching important variables. If you follow it one step at a time you will always see exactly why you got something wrong. It'll just take a bit longer


🇮🇳Vivek🇮🇳 brother i know they provide answers, but they do not provide solutions , logic , like how did it happened?


Because they already made a whole app. What more do you want?! If you are unable to implement it, I feel like you can't complain about it and if you can, then what are you waiting for?