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Technologies used for back-end development

What is the best and easiest technology that used for back-end development for an android application ? And what about front-end ?

10/5/2020 5:56:55 PM


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Start from Front end : html+css+javascript For back end : Knowing one of back end language will helpful (php, java, python, node.js,..) Some more discussions may help you.. Use search bar for more :


For front end U should learn HTML ,HTML 5, CSS ,CSS 3, JS, Bootstrap, the learn any framework like React or Vue to build website


If u don't have any information about programming or CS u should see CS50 Course


There are more technologies, frameworks, and APIs for web development than you can point a mouse at. Just saying Python, PHP or Node.js is insufficient. Python alone has over a dozen web frameworks... I honestly don't know how the professional web developers keep up with all of them.


C# then OR Python used in many fields u can built gsmes ,desktop App,website, in data science ,security,AI and ML