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URGENT!!: A virus infected my usb today, it corrupted my most recent file which was extremely important. To remove the virus I had to delete the file. I can get the file back but it comes back with the virus, and deletes the source code. 😪 I dont have any backup system, and I didn't upload the file to the cloud... 😭 How can I get my precious file back without the virus???? Gordon Calviղ bobbie Haris Help me, I can't restart the project it'll take too long 😪

10/1/2020 5:31:18 PM

Hira A

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Bahha🐧 I have figured it out, thanks though


I was going to recommend you to go at a certified system security expert, but it seems you've already taken care of the matter.


they are not probably deleted, since it's a usb, the virus just hid them and replaced them with a shortcut. you will be able to see them by going to folder settings and enable to see hidden files and show system protected files. as long as you didn't format it.