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maths and cs

how is mathematics useful in coding and programming?? i m a 2nd year b tech student n i hav dis doubt....

9/30/2020 11:42:38 AM


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I'm too in the same phase..I don't find a reason learning triple integration, laplace transformations,discrete mathematics,fourier series..for coding.. In sideways these subjects have an upper hand on problem solving skills,building logic or ML related stuffs.. that's it!


You need to know some coordinate geometry for some graphical programming.


Ayushi plz try to use the search bar of the Q&A. Similar questions already exist 👇


Don't need to expert in mathematics for programming... Just learn along the academics only.. Maths is not much needed but when ever you need, you can ask Google and know that specific problem with in a matter of 10 to 30 mins.. But for Machine Learning, you need some, and you can learn through the cource..