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Rare skills

Sometimes you see skills in learners profiles that are not linked to courses available on sololearn, such as arduino or raspberry pi. Actually I don't find them at all in the learn section

9/29/2020 7:23:45 PM

Rüdiger Henze

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That's true, I think it's only for the profile details purpose. So that other Sololearners can know about the person skills. I think its for letting other Sololearners know about the person skills so that they can ask for help when they need it(especially in a specific language/technology which the person has included as his/her skill) . BTW i just searched for "erlang" and it's logo pops up in the Skill section, cool! :)


Basically the stuff you see (like Arduino, raspi, R, F, scala, etc) in others profile, are actually the skills they have acquired in their life. Just useful in case you: • want to show off that you know that particular stuff, • if lucky, a representative of some big company might see it and text you asking some basic questions related to the stuff, • or simply u choose to answer questions related to the skill ( I'm doing the same- searched for Arduino, got this question 😇) • or simply impress......er.....uhm....😅hope you understand!! • as far as Arduino is concerned, Arduino requires C programming language majorly, to work. Martin Taylor is also right, but I have not seen many people use cpp on Arduino. Though it also is used.


Yeah, I know. But there are also "skills" that are not hardware related, such as bash/shell or Django. They are in the skills sections of some profiles and they use Sololearn style Icons. So I thought this comes/came from SL. Other topics could be interesting, but I haven't found them so far, such as R or Assembler.