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View Solutions to Pro Problems and Others Solutions

I'm unable to figure out a pro problem and want to know what the solution is in order to learn what I'm doing wrong. As far as I'm aware this isnt possible or am I wrong.

9/28/2020 3:33:10 PM


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Levi As far as I know, there is no feature as you're asking. But you can do it, like this The community is always ready to help you


Sorry I completely worded my question wrong, by challenges I meant the pro problems.


You want to know the solution to the challenge? πŸ‘‰after a challenge go the the section where the score between you and your opponent is seen..... then scroll down....and you will see under the statistical circle " view answers " tap it and you will become a good challenger! or if you already did a challenge just go to the challenge and follow the same process πŸ™‚


Levi try to explain your question.. let it be well detailed to avoid situations like this πŸ™‚