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I have Dell Vostro 3546 intel core i3 4500U (4rth gen) RAM 4 GB HDD 1TB - It's working too slow, freezes, and lags a lot. - Boot time 3 Min or more - Takes a lot of time opening R studio and python shell. * I wanna learn python and R, would upgrading RAM and swapping HDD with SSD, solve those issues. I also use some software like imajeJ alot.

9/27/2020 4:22:16 PM

Arpit Paliwal

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@Mirelle[InAcTive] about RAM, there is a limit to which the motherboard can support the RAM amount. Please read the chipset manual for the limit. Laptop's ram ( which needs to be upgraded from 4GB) can be extended between 8 gb to 16 gb and counting as the tech advances.. I have specified "pc" and not "computer" for this reason..due to availability of slots. Thanks.


coffeeunderrun yes you are right..I forgot to mention that 😅 Thanks for correcting me :)


Hordeyemy Gold please ask your question in your Q/A section..since discussing here would mix the current topic with others. Also try using search bar for faster results..hope you will understand :)


Edited: I have upgraded to 8GB ram..and Android studio works smooth..if you have a pc then increasing ram to more than 12GB won't be a feasible additional slots are required.. you may have to remove your CD slots for upgradation. //With reference to my system. Also i7 proprocessors have an edge over i3.


I use blender and had to upgrade my RAM to 32GB for smoothness from 16GB. Where did you read it that over 12GB ram isn't feasible


I think 4GB RAM is too small, try 32GB


Thanks for your suggestions guys. The highest limit supported for my laptop is 8GB so I will upgrade to it and hope it would help.


Best way to learn cod!ng please?


Okay, Thanks


The problem is your OS. I know this because I have a Dell laptop with the same specifications as yours. Keep in mind that these two programs can run smoothly on a Blackberry Pi (with 1gb RAM). Some things you can do to solve the issue: 1. Optimize your system. Uninstall programs and disable any visual effect. 2. Upgrade your system, as you said. 8gb of RAM and a 240/500gb SSD will be more than enough. 3. Change your OS for a lightweigt one (eg. Debian, Ubuntu Mate, Linux Lite...). One thing you must know before any investment is that you can't upgrade the GPU so your computer will still be slow for multimedia.


I have laptop from 2009 AcerAspire 5738. Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz Intel GMA 4500MHD 4GB RAM 320GB HDD Using Xubuntu. Its enough for me to just open VSCode and few tabs in Mozilla. Youtube and some webs make it reach 40-70% processor, but documentation webs and google keep it fine like 5-15%. As mention before it may be that you need to format your drivers and properly install OS and the programs and set em not to open all when Windows Starts cuz ull have many programs running in background. I try to keep it as clean as possible .


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