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whats the diffrent between ASP & PHP ?

3/9/2017 11:14:51 PM

Nima Mohamadian

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They are both server side languages firstly with a big difference. ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) is a programming framework that may use C#, J#, and more when developing web pages; it's compiled - designed for Windows, by Microsoft. PHP is a programming language that is platform free or should one say "can run anywhere", and it's interpreted. I've been programming for years with PHP, and it hasn't let me down - I'm not about to start learning ASP #JustSaying lol!


@Mark Foxx And You are doing good. LoL


1-php is free (البته تو کشور خودمون ایران مفهومی نداره) and asp isn't 2 -php can be run on any os but asp just run on windows 3 -asp is easy to learn and php is hard


@lim agree with 1 and 2. But PHP is easy to learn and has good docs, I guess it is individual


@mark Foxx I wanna to learn a new server side language but some people says that PHP is better and some of them ASP but your vote is PHP and you used it for years so tanks