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Sololearn Avatar problem.....???

When we use solo Avatar in html code .... But in codes it work well but in some codes it doesn't work

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Prachi The Pari🎸 and 🎸🎸🎸 Share the code only then can people help you. Many have successfully hotlinked to sololearn avatars in codeplayground unless something changed on sololearn's end it should work fine.


Prachi The Pari🎸 In what code it doesn't work? Can you share it here?


Lord Krishna This is also happens to all my codes ... All that codes in which I used solo a image.... I think this is a bug related to server.....



🎸🎸🎸 can I know why you mentioned @Lord Krishna sir?


🎸🎸🎸 Don't do that If you see any type of spam or misbehaviour then only mention


This link format will always work 🙂


Namit Jain no bro it's ok


It always work, maybe you're using the wrong image source


Can anyone please tell me what solo avatar is about


Namit Jain coz he is platinum mod.. So have some knowledge about this....


Akash. V SoloLern Avatar is your profile picture Edit: And this thread is about people's Code Playgrounds that get people profile pictures


If it's solved mark as solved.


Muhammad Awais *_O$ama $ibaram_*🇵🇰💂 Please keep postings relevant to the questions. Thanks


The Sololearn servers are now healthy. I have verified the avatar html codes and determined the issue resolved. In future references: Html should always include https:// and end with the image format .(format). The main supported formats are .png and .jpg. Png scales better while Jpg retains quality for current size. Example img=


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