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Dictionary definition issue

1. Create a dictionary that contains resume data for a user, name that dictionary: user_profile, and input the following elements: Keys Values 'name' 'Mark' 'age' 16 'skills' ['Python', 'Java'] Syntax I tried as below: user_profile = { 'Keys':'Values', 'name': 'Mark', 'age':16, 'skills':(['Python','Java'])} print(user_profile) but test scenario failed so what did I miss here?

9/23/2020 2:42:06 AM


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Your code have no errors an printing correct add Question link also. #Ke alues user_profile = { 'Keys':'Values', 'name': 'Mark', 'age':16, 'skills':(['Python','Java'])} print(user_profile)


Maybe 'Keys':'Values' is unnecessary...


There is no issue in my symtax however issue with file placement.