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I'm getting dirty and creepy messages. What must be done?

I have been receiving many creepy dms. What must be done?

9/22/2020 5:16:02 AM


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Try to block the people. If necessary, take a screenshot and report it to Sololearn.


Perhaps a message to the creeps, if they're reading: you might get banned from SoloLearn. For life.


Ayush Maybe Tracy⭐ will get less creepy messages with an ugly avatar. But the problem is not how she is looking. The problem is that some guys confuse SL with Tinder. When you ask her to change her avatar, you make the victim to the perpetrator.


Here are the specific steps to follow. Unless, they create multiple fake profiles block and report as described below: https://www.sololearn.com/post/500724/


Look out for a Mod like me and tell us what exactly happenes. Make screenshots of the messages. https://www.sololearn.com/post/500724/?ref=app


Tracy⭐ Working solution NEVER ACCEPT DMS edit: I do talk to like 8 people on a daily basis through dms and these are people I've known since 1yr ago. No more accept of dms, if people need my I help, I still won't accept until they do the right thing by asking publicly through the Q&A.


Thank you everyone.


I suggested on a similar thread around a year ago that SL could allow users to choose not to allow anyone they don't follow to DM them. With the problem apparently still pervasive, it's a shame nothing of the sort has been implemented - not that the idea appeared to gain much support 🤷🏼‍♂️


I myself is getting dirty & creepy message . I had blocked them to get rid of those people . I think some of the user of Sololearn doesn't understand the purpose of this platform .


Russ I agree with your sentiments. But whilst Sololearn could be more pro-active to implement protective measures, I don't think it fair to blame the platform. The shame lies with the creepers


Send the screenshots to: [email protected] when reporting not to mods. Only Sololearn admis can handle DM related issues. Tracy⭐ Don't share private messages in public.


Post your problem here https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/524028/?ref=app


Some users come up with a excuse for a help in thier code and after sometime they start sending creepy and vulgar messages


For DM abuse, do the following: 1. Screenshot ALL of the evidence (entire conversation). 2. Save the user's profile-link and ANY other evidence 3. BLOCK THE USER! 4. Send all the info to [email protected] You may have to be patient for a response 5. Report user using in-app tools If you feel threatend, harrased, abused, etc. do this: 1. DM a moderator or 2. use this thread to report. Do not contact Moderators for DM problems. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/524028/?ref=app Do not spam that thread!!! info: https://www.sololearn.com/post/500724/?ref=app


I keep seeing comments in response to this thread saying that victims should just ignore these direct medsages and block and report the perpetrator. What I have not seen anywhere is anybody even suggesting that SoloLearn should be responsible for protecting their users from this kind of abuse and these kinds of messages and I am starting to wonder whether I am the only person that thinks like this. On one hand, you have women/girls that are paying a subscription for SL's service, and on another, you have minors who really shouldn't be subjected to the kind of messages that are being sent. And the only advice to females with regard to avoiding receiving these messages are to essentially hide the fact that they are female. Not only do I feel this is backward, but it sets a poor example to women that could possibly be heading towards a career in a still-male-dominated industry. Why is SL not being held responsible over this issue?


PEOPLE WAKE UP! Her profile picture is not real, I did a reverse image search and turns out it belongs to a Swedish model called Hanna Edwinson. So what's the point of all of this? Pretty easy: gain visibility, get upvotes, get badges, get her super basic codes upvoted so many times for a simple "hello world" python code just because of her (or his?) profile picture. On the other hand all the answers are pretty valid and legit for people using their real picture and actually being harassed here on SoloLearn.


I would recommend you to block and report them or else you can contact the moderators. The one with the mod name tag is the moderator. Kindly send the screenshot and the person will be blocked immediately.


Rik Wittkopp The shame absolutely does lie with creeps, but there doesn't appear to be any dissuasive measures to stop creeps. It is far too easy to just create a new account and send more messages. Why hasn't SL implemented ANY preventative measures rather than reactive measures? Things like giving users the ability to choose who can DM or tag them. Things like requiring a new account to be active for a certain amount of time or to have a certain amount of xp before they can send a DM invitation. I don't see any preventative measures at all so, I'm sorry but I disagree that it is unfair to blame the platform.


Theres really no cure for "men" who thirst so bad that they must exercise their rights to infringe on others rights. If it were up to me, Id invite them to post those privately sent direct messages in public to prove their interest in my profile picture for all to see. Usually, the community takes care of the rest. At least, it does on other social media platforms I participate in. Results vary. Again, its difficult to address, but for sure, and to say the least, you dont allow them continue to feel comfortable about making you feel uncomfortable.


Gabriele Profita OMG I was right!!!