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stack memory and heap memory

What is the difference between stack memory and heap memory?

9/15/2020 7:31:55 PM


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When we talk about the memory layout of a C program there are a number of common sections involved: Text Section - where the code goes Data Section - where initialised variables go BSS Section - where uninitialised variables go Heap - used to provide memory for dynamically allocated variables Stack Section - used to pass arguments to functions, hold local variables, stores cpu registers between functions as required. As a C programmer most of this is taken care of by the compiler and linker so you don't need to think about it. If you create embedded C programs you may need to get very intimate with these concepts if you have to write your own linker scripts.


• • • • Stack is a linear data structure whereas Heap is a hierarchical data structure. Stack variables can't be resized whereas Heap variables can be resized. Stack memory is allocated in a contiguous block whereas Heap memory is allocated in any random order. ©