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School streak problem

0 hi, its my third day of school streak and I faced a problem cause I don't receive a complete lesson card when complete a lesson. How can I check if I still participate in #BackToSchool??

9/14/2020 12:37:27 PM

Diana Rodriguez

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I've experienced that, don't worry if you don't get a notification when you complete a lesson. I've posted the same question. And similar others


Diana Yelizaveta Rodriguez Bespalchenko Complete one more lesson ,it sometimes dont comes due to any network or bug issue i guess. Complete one more lesson and see if it works☺️


Update your SoloLearn App and Complete a lesson... ☑️☑️ ✍️ And Clear SoloLearn Cache Data Regularly... Then you'll never get any problems like this... 😊😊 New Version is working so well... 👨‍💻👨‍💻


I've completed another lesson but nothing happened. Will try to redo the last completed lesson. And in the join button still tells me that I'm in BTS


I share the notification and also try to schedule courses everyday to ensure consistency


In Feed try clicking the JOIN button. It tells me only I joined but not daystreak. Redo the lesson completely dont just solve the last quiz. ▶ / ? / ▶ / ? / ▶ / ? / ▶ / ? And boom BTS message again It worked for me days ago.


Diana Yelizaveta Rodriguez Bespalchenko You may Check your streak status from this... and wait few seconds just after completing lesson from next time to get notifications card.


Though sololearn is loaded with bugs... It could also be the internet connection