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Hey guys... How can i make my page more dynamic and attractive , i made a personal resume page but its so boring and its just html & css. Can any one help?!

9/14/2020 12:08:23 PM


4 Answers

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Hey sis, To make your webpage dynamic, you should definitely go with Javascript but if you want to make an appealing website I suggest you using some outstanding features in CSS such as filter, animation, box shadow, text shadow, rgba and... . Bootstrap is highly recommended as well. Hope you handle it😉


Shaghayegh Hp You can make your pages look dynamic by only using css and html too,just use the tags and properties in a right way ,for further developments in your page you can learn javascript


You should learn JavaScript to make your website interesting


Jadene & Kayla Onobun i know a little that too but what do you suggest for a personal resume page? how can i use that? in which part🤔