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Why does it take up to 30 mins before solo learn opens, it is now getting frustrating. After every update their must be a bug. Why, Pls help me.

9/12/2020 5:46:28 PM

Onoh Brothers

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Are you sure it's actually 30mins and not 30 secs? I closed the app and was back inside in less than 20s. The app opening speed depends on your connection. If it's slow app launch can be slow. Try opening the app in offline mode. I also suggest contacting sololearn via feedback or email to report any bugs specific to your device..


Yeah it was 30 mins


How can it be 30 mins 🙄? Even after having a poor network connectivity of around 0.09kbps it took maximum 45 - 60 secs . • Check your connectivity once. • Clear your cellphone's cache data • Try contacting sololearn via inapp feedback or through email[[email protected]]


Clear the cache, clear data cache as well if your on a smartphone.