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Quiz Factory Pending Status..?

Why are my questions in the quiz factory are in pending status for so many days. Does anybody have any clue usually how many days it takes to get approved or rejected ?

3/7/2017 4:15:25 PM

Ashwani Kumar

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Ashwani, i wonder if they have a lot of submissions since in the possible badges there isn't one for submitting 1 or 5 quizes like with codes,answers, challenges etc. You have to get 20 approved to get the quiz badge. Sadly I didn't realise this until mine had been approved!!


Just updating the status. Got 8 approved in last two weeks in JS. And the HTML ones are still pending. So, I think the time depends upon community upvotes/downvotes and certain other language factors.


That's sad. I think it should be done more frequently to improve the quality of quizzes and have variety in it. Thanks btw @tracy 😃


it can take a while, mine was pending for several weeks!


mine was pending more than a month and a half


First quiz got approved..Huh..I think this is the toughest job out in Sololearn 😂