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I want to start a team for programming

together we can can create great programs and resolve many problems. If you want to join them say yes and share some experiences in programming


3/7/2017 3:14:17 PM

Prabhakar Dev

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I started an year ago


Now I am 14


I like java


because it is the only programming language in which I can handle GUI and interfaces


Buen pensamiento Angel


Guys I need your help- Please see all my codes. It doesn't matter you put like our dislike just see and tell me how good they are and what corrections I can do in them


yes. started with BASIC back in the 90s, went onto VBA now a full time web dev. /


create a github repository for your project. You'll see the group will grow fast if the project is interesting/useful enough.


No tengo experiencia como programador, solo proyectos escolares pero conozco varios lenguajes de programación como C++, javascript, php, html y actualmente estoy comenzando con css. Tengo una gran capacidad para aprender. Me gustaría unirme


yes I'm agree