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Back to school

Back to school stopped with me. I still had to today and tomorrow.

9/6/2020 7:23:15 AM

Aad Hoogenboom

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Dont worry about the pop up Just go on and complete ur streak. I was also worried about the pop up yesterday but i completed todays lesson and i got my bts badge and also platinum badge... 😄😄😄


Great, it worked. Thanks everyone for the information. If no popup comes up just continue with the lessons.


I did not receive a popup today after completing the lessons. I am curious how this will end. Would be a shame if this turns into a hiatus.


That would be great.


Okay, that's a shame.


In the meantime made 5 lessons but nothing happens. I also do not receive messages from back to school from fellow students.


Yes, make the last lesson tomorrow and see what happens.


That is possible.


Starting with BTS is no longer.


I don't see anything back to school anymore. I also no longer receive messages from back to school from others.


Aad Hoogenboom suddenly strange? Seems like a bug! Because if you have lost your strike and will start from today that's too possible because the contest is until 1 October. So sure you can start again And don't forget to mail sololearn for the same. because let them too know that and if you haven't received the pop up box then remember one thing that after 24 hours you receive a pop up box. Hope this helps


Aad Hoogenboom That's really strange I can say the main reason behind that is the bug in the app from few days we have seen that the app is continuously crashing and also all the different section in the navigation bottom aren't working properly. If it stops suddenly and if you had to again start your streak then please let sololearn know about it send them an email at [email protected] but I don't think they can do anything the only perspective is that you have to again start the BTS streak and move ahead as the the deadline is still 1st of October so still 20 to 25 days are left. Note : please always make it sure to complete a lesson within 24 hours don't be late or you lose your streak


The app crashes also with me and yes may be some bugs are in the app. And if it happens that if you started to learn and the app exits and again you tried again the same thing happened then surely some problem is there. Try mailing sololearn ( very less chances that your problem will get solved). Happy Coding </>


Since a few days this app became too slow when i try to open it shows network error but my network is strong May be it is because of any new bug Sometimes i receive a notification very late May be you have completed the streak but it is not showing. There are chances that you will get popup after sometime


Aad Hoogenboom maybe there are chances you have completed the streak but the popup didn't come...


I had the issue, but as soon as the system rebooted correctly and did a lesson my streak continued.


Aad Hoogenboom But you have have the streak till 13 days 🤔 What is the actual problem? You didn't recieve any pop-up after completing lessons.?


Aad Hoogenboom have you tried again to complete a lesson?


I don't think so... If you didn't get that popup.. please try again after some time.


I had the same problem. I didn't get a pop-up after completing the 3rd and 4th day. But I got the pop-up on the 5th day.