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When I was coding in JavaScript I noticed that creating / getting / styling an element took up a lot of space and was very annoying to write again and again. So now I might make a file with functions which you can copy to make JavaScript a bit shorter. One of my ideas was to use write("#Id") instead of document.getElementById("Id").innerHTML Please let me know if this is a good idea and if so what other functions I should add.

3/7/2017 2:36:48 PM

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you can make constructor functions in separate referenced files and instantiate objects from them in your primary js code


Version 1.0 is done, you now can use: - get("#id") instead of document.getElementById("id") - say("#id","message") instead of document.getElementById("id").innerHTML - create("element") instead of document.createElement("element")


Version 1.1 is done, you now can use: - get(".class") instead of document.getElementsByClassName("class") - get("<tag") instead of document.getElementsByTagName("tag")