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Hey guys! I just finished the sololearn back to school coding streak challenge but I noticed the 30 days PRO subscription did not activate automatically. It still demands that you subscribe normally and yet still couldn't go through in my case. Who else experienced this issue and how are you planning on fixing it?

4th Sep 2020, 12:25 AM
👑 Tchybooxuur!
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4 Answers
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I also had the same thing. Once I clicked the cross I can't get back😐😶 But I have emailed and recieved a reply : Hello, We have forwarded your issue to our development team and will respond to you with their feedback as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
4th Sep 2020, 2:52 AM
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It seems that you should give paynent information but Arsenic but it is not doable for our region and country, there is conflicts and here is banned from giving payment services
4th Sep 2020, 5:39 AM
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Everyone will experience it as it not a issue. To get that pro subscription you need to subscribe your account for one month using your money when you will subscribe it for 1 month another month will be added automatically means you will get 2 month subscription in just one month money
4th Sep 2020, 1:08 AM
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This is true and a bit annoying.
4th Sep 2020, 11:02 PM
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