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[ Deadly Issue] Is it a bug or it's only happening with me ? 😥😥😥😥

First of all , I can't get past the loading screen of sololearn with my data connection on. Can you believe my condition! 😥😥 To past the loading screen I turn off my cellular data...... Now here's the most annoying part :- After I get to my messages section , I can't even send a single message! It keeps on telling "pending" while I keep my eyes peeled for it to be sent .... 😥😥😥 Previous version was soooo better. My internet connection is so damn good Please help me 😫 Why is this loading screen bug happening? How to fix this message bug? Where can I get previous versions if this app? Edit : All Answers are appreciated Edit 2: Loading screen bug happens with WiFi too 😫😥😫😫😥😫 Edit 3 : Is there any way I can get the previous versions of this app? 😫😥

9/3/2020 2:30:43 PM

🔰 Justin 🔰

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🔰 Justin 🔰 How to solve? 1. Clean your app caches inside your phone settings, 2. If you've installed the last update of the app, uninstall and reinstall it. 3. If you still have the same problem, uninstall it and install an older version (May or even April, not sure which would be best). On Apkpure for eg Just search for 'apkpure' on google and you will be able to restore old versions of this app Click on the link: https://m.apkpure.com/sololearn-learn-to-code-for-free/com.sololearn/versions (While downloading previous versions, keep this in mind that your BTS streak will be lost) Let me know if one of those tuto worked for you.


🔰 Justin 🔰 Sure I will answer! Ok so see now the thing is. This isn't a new thing this happen many times. You,me and many of us get the same thing. So before 3 months I reported this bug. And actually I reported it 5-7 times directly to sololearn and their server heads. So now the answer I and maximun of us get is. Yes we are aware of the bug. Our team is working on it. And talking about cellular data or wifi it has a role their but not important. One of the thing is "may your internet connectivity is low" . Okay so now do two things. (No need to uninstall the app and to reinstall it) First of all clear the cache and run the app. If it yet exists Then clear the storage. So your whole sololearn will be refresh. And now their are 80% chances your dm will work. This was the only the thing which was faced by many users so it becamed a small trend to put their name and after wrong there (Rip dm) But noe the problem is resolved but yea it happens sometime with users. Hope this helps everyone.✌️👍


乂۝丹ⓨㄩک廾۝乂〖թг๏〗 piyush Carl Sagan Anshika 🎵🎶 (Inactive) Help plz 🙏 Namit Jain , plz advertise this in advertising group coz I can't 😥😫😥


🔰 Justin 🔰 toy gun bhaiya happens with me too😔😔😥😥


piyush xD 🙌


Priyanshi💞 How much time ?!! 2 days? I have been texting all this time using WiFi but now it's gone 😭😢 And I can confirm you , my internet connection is so damn fast 😥


Send an email to sololearn [email protected] Because sololearn's team can help. :)


Its happen with me sometimes, when my internet speed is low. I think your internet is also low. Trying after some time will help you.. 😊😊😊 Edit: Now I am also facing same problem 😭😭😭


Ohh I dont know that you are facing these problem form 2 days. Last solution: reinstall Sololearn


piyush , Namit Jain This is what I'm facing for days.. U left this - Where to get previous versions?


🔰 Justin 🔰 actually I don't have a single space to write😂.. Even to write a work. Ok so here's your next answer. Yes their are many webs which gives you the permission to download the previous version. But now the thing is they offer the vip (pro too) for free of cost. That's against sololearn's guidelines. And there are many chances anyone who download's that can be banned. As getting vip without pro subscription is a pure offense. Okay if yet someone's try to download then there is one more thing. There's a warn coming in a pop up box where ther is written that this file can damage your device. And yes it surely destroys too. Noe the thing is I don't think soo there is a web which gives about the previous version of the app without vip(pro). So I beleive you should wait for the next update which will be soon coming. Not for the previous one. Remember previous one don't gives you the chance to join #bTS contests. And there are some changes in the update. Hope you will wait for the update.✌️


Carl Sagan (Vinay_GB) ✅


CodeWarrior 𝕮𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖂𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖗 coding is our life If it gets obstructed then it has a threat 😉


🔰 Justin 🔰 bro damn same things are also happens with me many times a day . (even in WiFi) Restarting the device and clearing app crash data , can help U but not too much , I think it's also happens with others too (😒 loading bug ) , I think Sololearn team is on duty , hope it fixed quickly . Also it take while little bit more time to even load the app and others tabs , and the sending msg also contain some bugs but literally not too much , mean while when everyone send too heavy msg in just a second (s.pa.m) , it take my msg crash 😂


it happens to me when my internet is down


😱😱 really with me it is all right


PLease don’t write deadly issue because it is not a deadly issue. A deadly issue is an issue that threatens somebody’s life not bad internet


This happened to me once....😐 But after 2 hours everything gone normal by itself.☺️ Try this.... ⚫️Do not open sololearn for 2 hours.


I close the app and start it fresh. Then it works... sometimes. This app has been plagued by all sorts of connectivity problems for an eternity now.


Namit Jain Well said 😯 Yeah 🔰 Justin 🔰 's life is coding ig 😅