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The certificate at the end of a tutorial?

Does the certificate at the end of a tutorial actually mean anything or is it just for fun?

9/1/2020 3:48:26 AM


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You can just flex with it


Certificates,badges are just an any forum. Unless you get any professional degree.. it's difficult to comment on any certificates you earn. Kindly focus on learning and enjoy coding experience of various people here rather than thinking unnecessarily :)


For fun, motivation, pride, bragging and sharing on Sololearn. Anywhere else, it probably has little value.


The certificate you get after ending a tutorial is for increasing your self-confidence.


No Reality is that it is useless


The certificate you get after completion of any course if what given to your just to increase your self confidence and it's a proof that you have competed that course but you can't take it in any official use. Happy Coding </>


No. That doesn't means anything at all.


Technically, it is worthless for proof as there is no accreditation here. Many above have already said this. HOWEVER, it does have a tiny bit of use. Often some resumes include a section on intrests. You could list your items from SoloLearn as a hobby. Show them how engaged you are with this community. Many employers want to see passion for the field. They will know that you went to X school or have Y experience coding, but if they see you are using your own free time to code and learn with others, you just might get the job.


Nooo it is not 😑 It has been asked many a times pls use the search bar before posting questions, to get quick solutions to your questions and prevent too many duplicate questions!


Certificate is for increasing your confidence


It is not recognized,but its not just for fun it is to be proud of yourself


Its good if by luck, the HR recruiting you and some other person, sees that u have a certificate and he doesnt. But omce u get the certificates, i suggest dping some projects


An indication that you have completed a course, and a morale booster to continue with other courses so as to gain more experience and skills.


You know by getting the certificate after completing a course it will motivate you and will feel good.


Bro,if YOU wanna get approval certificate via taking such kind of courses. I would like to recommend you to take course from Coursera. However I am not taking courses from Coursera because these courses are Paid. But if you pay for these you will get certificate from various Highly recommended Universities of the World.


Oh ok ill totally make sure to not make duplicate questions..


The certificate given at the end of tutorial on sololearn actually shows that one has gone through the a course. Such certificate can be added to ones CV to gain extra qualification points


You can take it as a sense of achievement and that at least YOU were able to clear the course.


You will get a certificate at the end of the course


I know that. But is the certificate worth anything??? Is it excepted by recruiters?