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Solo learn vs W3 Schools

I'm using this app but suddenly, I read a statement at google, the statement was that W3 Schools have more effective course than Solo Learn. So what should I do? Do I move to W3 Schools?

8/30/2020 5:40:59 PM

Rudra Pratap Singh

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W3 is best for those who wants deep knowledge; SoloLearn is for those who wants to learn while having fun. (ie. Social networking); My suggestion : Try switching ( when you want to know deeply) from SoloLearn to W3;


Do yourself a favor... avoid W3Schools and GeekForGeeks at all costs. You'll have to unlearn or relearn things later. I remain baffled and perplexed by the influence w3schools and GeekForGeeks continue to have on beginners. I just reviewed some of the lesson content from w3schools thinking that maybe, just maybe, they've finally, after many years, improved the quality of their content. Sadly, no. They still describe Javascript methods in such a way that creates so much confusion because they either don't really understand what they're writing about or they've watered things down so much that they've intentionally written things inaccurately. Either way, these two websites are credited for teaching so many people it's no wonder we're seeing so many people who struggle with understanding the fundamentals. Please, for all things Javascript, HTML, or CSS, learn to read and understand MDN. While it's not perfect, it's so much better and more accurate. At the very least, never admit to learning from these websites if you're ever being interviewed by an experienced software engineer. You may not be considered worth the additional effort for retraining. If you read articles, check the comments to determine if anyone is calling the author out for major mistakes. Those can be both entertaining as well as educational. If comments are locked or don't exist, that's a red flag for an author who doesn't stand behind his/her content. If there isn't an author named for the article, that's even worse. Also, if no date exists for the article, that's a red flag it was written more for SEO keywords. They're likely more interested in ad revenue than being credible. That's why I refuse to click on W3Schools or Geeksforgeeks websites in search results.


Why does it have to be a competition?


Brother , Every platform has its own quality and adjectives. Solo learn: SoloLearn lets you learn and practice a skill of your choice anytime anywhere for free. It consists of very short videos (so the user does not get bored and keeps attention) and interactive checkpoints and practice sessions. The practice is real, i.e. programming students write real-life code and future photographers adjust camera settings in the app. While learning, SoloLearners unlocks levels, build profile, unlock achievements, create and participate in forums, and get feedback from SoloLearn experts and other members of the community. The learners are people throughout the world that want to learn a new skill quickly and effectively to enrich their career and life choices W3Schools: W3Schools is an online platform that provides its users with education related to web development. It provides its users with tutorials related to HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, java, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryMobile, AngularJS, AJAX, JSON, SQ


SoloLearn is like a Facebook for programmers. Here u can learn coding, chat with friends, post programming related memes etc etc. On the other hand w3schools is for those who wanna just learn(also get certified too) Honestly I first learned python from w3schools and it was a very good course. Happy coding!


SL is better on mobile.


I highly recommend you to try MDN: it's very useful for biggnner, in the other hand w3school topics cause confusion for biggnner simply go to MDN and started your coding journey, Best of luck!



I say that sololearn Good ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ and w3 schools is better but first learn from sololearn then w3 schools. W3 schools certificate is recognised . All are the same but get like 4 to 5 sources if you want a little hint use YouTube and discuss via Instagram and other apps where programming groups are available


W3 when you are having laptop and want to spent time, Solo learn when you are going to sleep or travelling and wants to revise things.


Both are good at their own places both are good for learning and practice, in practice view I think sololearn is good becz it's provided you many Challenges and Code coach problem etc. It shows how much we have learned and how much better we have from others, And we get to know where we are weak . and if you want to learn deeply than I suggest geeksforgeeks , this is best ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ specially for "Java" and for web developing "W3school" is better I think. but Where your understanding is more better, you can go there.... Thank youโœจโœจ


Both are useful and best platform for learning codes.....Choose both or any one of them. It depends on you. ~Happy Coding.


You wrote this post on sololearn and we are helping you out with in the solo learn platform.I don't think you will get such interactive environment elsewhere where learners and professional help each other out. Sololearn is more about "how to" and "what" about programming but W3 school is about "this is" . You know what I mean.


a kick-start with sololearn and then shifting to w3schools would really help i guess! this place is really fun to learn and grab the basics. & w3 would giv yu a deeper knowledge about each and every details. so the decision would certainly be yours :) try out everything for afterall learning new stuffs is reaally an enjoyment!!


using both


The first is chronologically the predecessor of the latter ..๐Ÿ˜


Rudra Pratap Singh if you are out for programming you don't have to switch to a single place to learn how to code. Start with sololearn which you already did. Then pick the programming language of your Choice, Learn it from W3 school, MDN, geek for geek, tutorial point, tree house, there are so many places if you have questions stack overflow, medium, even YouTube videos can help you. Don't just pick one single place but that is if you want to become a real programmer..


I am also using both sololearn and w3 school from a month and I suggest you to use both of these because sololearn is very interesting and w3 schools have in-depth courses...


Both or good mostly mobile user loves sololearn web viwers loves w3 but both are same work doing โœจ


Try both and make your opinion