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Mysql query

I used double quotes on date and time in my query and my professor is saying that date and time needs single quote. Would a double quote give an error? INSERT INTO Bookings ( user_id, room_id, date, start, end, purpose) VALUES ( 5, 20, "2020-08-26","7:00 PM", "9:00 PM", "CS 215 final exam");

8/30/2020 1:35:03 AM

Vrushti Patel

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It probably won't produce an error, but double quotes is not typical SQL convention. "Single quotes are used to indicate the beginning and end of a string in SQL. Double quotes generally aren't used in SQL, but that can vary from database to database. Stick to using single quotes"


Vrushti Patel Why don't you try it by executing the query ?


insert into Bookings('user_id',....'purpose')values(......); we use backquote not single or double quotes to indicate the columns of a table.